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Dongyu fiberglass held 2015 year-end summary meeting
Time£º2016/1/19      View£º521

Dongyu fiberglass held 2015 year-end summary meeting
Participants: the chairman, general manager, and department heads!
On January 12, 2016, company chairman Chen Xiaoduo held a year end meeting for 2015 with all department heads.
In 2015, Dongyu company has achieved satisfactory results in the case of the international economic situation is not good. All the departments worked together very hard and had achieved 19% results increased. Chen congratulated on all sectors!
During four hours¡¯ meeting, department heads summarized all the work throughout the year and analyzed good and bad points, which was discussed and shared by all departments.
Finally, G.M. Mr Wu concluded the meeting and requested all leaders to make good arrangements before the Spring Festival. At the same time he hope Dongyu will scale new heights in 2016.
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