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Dongyu fiberglass was awarded the fastest growth partner of Jushi China.

Dongyu fiberglass was awarded the fastest growth partner of Jushi China.

Invited by the world largest glass fiber leader Jushi Group,
Dongyu Fiberglass is honored to participate in China Jushi 22nd international conference.

Dongyu fiberglass and Jushi group have been in the partnership for nearly 20 years with mutual support and help.
Both companies are constantly forging ahead!
In 2016, Dongyu was rated as high-quality and fastest growth partner of Jushi!

In the future,
Dongyu company will continue its effort to strengthen the cooperation with Jushi Group and develop international market together!

Better Quality, Better Cooperation. 

Our next exhibition:  
-Dubai, January 22 - 24, 2017¨C Dubai Intersec. Booth No.:Hall 7-H34. 
-Paris, March 14 - 16, 2017¨C JEC world.

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