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DSM and leaders from Sichuan to explore business cooperation
Time£º2014/6/23      View£º595

DSM and leaders from Sichuan to explore business cooperation
Source£ºDSM 2014-6-4

0On 4 June 2014, a delegation led by Dongming Wang, Party Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee and President of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial People¡¯s Congress visited Royal DSM at the company¡¯s headquarters in Heerlen, the Netherlands. The Party Secretary was welcomed by Dimitri de Vreeze, member of DSM¡¯s Managing Board. During the visit, DSM and the members of the Chinese delegation from Sichuan exchanged ideas on future cooperation.          

Both parties agreed to explore opportunities for cooperation in agriculture, materials and solar energy and to underline this commitment, DSM and the Sichuan leaders signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Sichuan is a significant base for the agricultural industry and animal farming in China and DSM operates one of the largest animal nutrition premix plants in Chengdu, Sichuan. Both parties are seeking to develop more opportunities on the basis of this existing foundation.

In addition, Sichuan also has a solid industrial base and highly skilled labor force and talent resources and the parties will explore opportunities for developing new materials applications.

Sichuan, particularly the West Sichuan Plateau, has the highest volume of solar energy resources in China. DSM and Sichuan Province will seek to collaborate in further developing the solar energy industries.

Sichuan is located in the west of China and is at an important crossroads of southwest, northwest and central China. Sichuan covers an area of 485,000 square kilometers, making it the fifth largest province in China. Sichuan has a resident population of 80.5 million with rich resources and a well-developed economy.

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